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  1. Herberth Motorsport - Porsche 991 GT3 R
  2. Manthey Racing - Porsche 991 GT3 R
  3. Black Falcon - Mercedes AMG GT3 - Yelmer


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Yelmer and Michael Bartels still have a title chance


And once again the qualification race turned into an exiting spectacle. Perfect teamwork from the team unfortunately brought Yelmer’s main rivals two points more than the Vita4One squad. And to worsen their case Bartels will have to start tomorrow’s Championship from ninth place with a lot of work to grab the FIA GT1 title.

Yelmer was on the outside with the first corner approaching and sat by watching Marcus Winkelhock snatching fifth place after a blistering start, with the other Mercedes right in front of him. Yelmer tried to overtake Winkelhock but just as was the case a week ago with Marc Basseng at the Nürburgring he was fiercely blocked by the German driver although Yelmer was visibly much faster in the middle sector. Winkelhock was under full pressure from Yelmer but then Thomas Jäger let the championship contender by and closed the gap just in front of Yelmer’s BMW. With Yelmer still much faster but unable to make progress the team decided to bring the Vita4One car in early, hoping that with a swift pit-stop Michael Bartels could jump on both Mercedesses. But is was not to be with Bartels still struck behind both cars. Even an ultra late braking manoeuvre on Nicky Pastorelli didn’t work out, with Bartels touching the SLS and damaging his left front wheel. The Vita4One then had to come in for a new tyre and ultimately finished ninth. Marc Basseng will start tomorrows Championship racefrom fifth position with teammate Nicky Pastorelli sixth and Michael Bartels ninth. The current championship situation is that Basseng and Winkelhock lead with Yelmer and Bartels at 3 points.

1. Makowiecki/Dusseldorp - McLaren MP4 29 laps in 1 min. 00.851
2. Carrol/Vanthoor - Audi R8 at 2.461
3. Demoustier/Parente - McLaren MP4 at 4.844
4. Kox/Rosina - Lamborghini Gallardo at 7.878
5. Basseng/Winkelhock - Mercedes SLS at 16.940
6. Pastorelli/Jäger - Mercedes SLS at 17.622
7. Ide/Castellacci - Ferrari 485 at 18.746
8. Mayr-Meinhof/Lauda - BMW Z4 at 29.164
9. Buurman/Bartels - BMW Z4 at 1.24.728
10. Lariche/Groppi - Ford GT at 1 ronde


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