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  1. Herberth Motorsport - Porsche 991 GT3 R
  2. Manthey Racing - Porsche 991 GT3 R
  3. Black Falcon - Mercedes AMG GT3 - Yelmer


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Yelmer on the podium in Azerbeidzjan


Yelmer was quite happy with his third place in the main race in the centre of the capital Baku, despite the fact that a better result had been within his grabs. The most important thing was that he showed that his razor sharp and fast racing skills were back.

After Yelmer’s eighth place in yesterday’s sprint-race and the halfway red flagged second sprintrace the #35 BMW Z4 pairing had earned the fourth spot on the startgrid for today’s main event. Yelmer made a perfect start and snatched third place from Rob Bell and his McLaren MP4-12C. From then on he looked at the back of the sister Vita4One BMW Z4 of Frank Kechele. The German was visibly slower but defending fiercely enabling the leading pole-sitter Frédéric Makowiecki increasing his lead over Kechele. On the narrow streets of Baku a fascinating duel developed between the two Vita4One-drivers, with Yelmer unable the overtake his teammate. Once Kechele almost overcooked it, sliding through a corner after which he professionally blocked Yelmer. When the German came in for his mandatory pit-stop Yelmer finally had a free track and drove two super fast laps. With the anticipated result because when Nikolaus Mayr-Melnhof exited the pit-lane, he was clearly leading Mathias Lauda, who had taken over from Frank Kechele. But M-M was not as fast as Yelmer, nor as Lauda and soon he came under attack from the Austrian, who on his turn had the McLaren of Alvaro Parente breathing down his neck. When all three drivers tried to negotiate one single corner at the same time, the squabble resulted in Parente moving up to second and Mayr-Melnhof also losing out to Lauda. And then suddenly Parente’s McLaren came to a halt with a technical failure, thus promoting Lauda to second and M-M to third. Yelmer was very happy with his podium finish. “It was what I had hoped for, after the disaster of Donington and my heavy concussion. I was not sure whether I could get the speed and focus back. Friday was not a good day for me but on Saturday it was already better and today I have showed that I am back in form. My stint went super but unfortunately I could get past Frank. I think I would have caught Frédéric Makowiecki, but passing him on the narrow streets….? Anyway, this has been a fantastic and well organised event. It was one big party from the beginning till the end!”

Results main race
1. Makowiecki/Dusseldorp (McLaren MP4-12C) 53 laps in 1 hr 15.084
2. Kechele/Lauda (BMW Z4) at 4.517
3. Buurman/Mayr-Melnhof (BMW Z4) at 5.029
4. Schneider/Afanasiev (Mercedes SLS) at 5.424
5. Parisy/Buhk (Mercedes SLS) at 11.925
6. Villeneuve/Verstappen (BMW Z4) at 16.435


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